Josué Barroso

Interaction Design

I was a developer for 3 years. Nowadays I work creating digital products. I always had the need to understand how people relates and interact with everyday things. That feeling has shaped my passion for design.

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Filmin Kids: movies and tv shows curated for kids.

2016. I contributed to define the product. Visual design: layout, Iconography and ilustration. Sound design. Especially enjoyable designing such a sensory experience.

Parallax effect prototype

Mymealplan: Organize your weekly recipes' calendar.

2014 / 2015. Product definition and visual design. Branding, iconography and ilustration. Your weekly plan, recipes and grocery list in a single place.

Mymealplan prototype  /  Sidebar prototype


Challenge: Let the community help you to get fit

2014 / 2015. Product definition and visual design of mobile application. Branding, iconography and ilustration. Complete challenges that combine training with healthy food habits while sharing your achievements with your friends.

Fever: the social event discovery tool.

2013 / 2014. Ilustrations for mobile application. Printings and digital visual content for social networks and press. People discover new events based on purchases from friends.

Vostok: Design studio.

2014 / 2015. Design exercises and explorations at Vostok program. A design and strategy studio committed to creating honest, elegant and simple digital products.

User research exercise for Simply Market (spanish)  /  Radio Prototype


I realized my passion for drawing when I was a child. Since then it has become a tool that not only helps me understand complex problems but also allows me to better communicate ideas. I seek to understand how typography works since it plays an important role in design. Here you have some examples of both digital and real drawings which I specially enjoyed creating.


I appreciate your time reviewing my work.
If you want to know more about me and my work, feel free to send me an email.